Newsletter April 2021

The newletter for April 2021

Newsletter April 2021

Hello all 👋

Here is the Deedmob newsletter with general and technical updates. There is some nice functionality added :)

Short round of general updates. 

  • We have new members in the Deedmob family: PEP Den Haag, Venlo vrijwilligt, VC Wageningen, and the MDT projects Trek die Jas aan & Become a local hero! 
  • There was an article about Deedmob and our partnerships in England in the BBC.
  • We are looking for a new Partnership Manager - spread the word! Vacancy here.

Technical updates

  1. It is now possible for website owners to embed sections (i.e. paste external code on your website). See here a video explanation how to do that.
  2. New functionality: Log. This is used to keep track of changes in organisations and users. It is easy to read who made which changes and where. Here is a video explanation of the logbook.
  3. New section in the page editor: Map. You can now put a full width map with vacancies or organisations on a page on your site. How cool is that! Here is a video explanation of the map section.
  4. New column in the Mailchimp integration: 'has accepted application'. This way you can mail accounts from Mailchimp that have been 'matched' at least once for a vacancy!
  5. [For those who have done a data migration] It is easier to see if an organisation is still unclaimed (not yet activated on the new site). Herewith a video explanation of how to see that.


  • Applications from Deedmob users for your jobs are now always sent in the house style of your own site (this was not the case in some cases).
  • Organization export: contact details of all administrators are now included.
  • In analytics, the total number of unique visitors and pageviews are now shown under the graphs
  • External links now open in a new tab under all conditions

See you soon!

Team Deedmob

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Jasper Versteege

Partnership Manager

Jasper Versteege is one of the Partnership Managers at Deedmob.

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