Update: Website Accessibility and Other News 😇

Updates: new digital accessibility

Update: Website Accessibility and Other News 😇

Hi all,

We hope you are all doing well! At Deedmob we have finished our summer homework, which is to make sure all websites are digitally accessible ☀️

What is this about? Digital accessibility is a legal requirement for Dutch government bodies (central government, provinces, municipalities and water boards) and institutions in the (semi-)public sector. As of 23 September, it is compulsory to comply with the requirements of WCAG 2.1, level A and AA. This means, for example, that the contrast ratio of the colours must be good enough on the site and that the site must be accessible to screen readers (applications that, for example, visually impaired people use to visit a website). Do you notice anything of this when you go to your website now? Not really, apart from some minor colour adjustments. Most of the work has been done on the back end, namely adapting the buttons and dropdowns to make sure screen readers can also read them plus adapting the page editor so you can continue to create pages with confidence without having to worry about whether the page is digitally accessible (that all happens automatically). 🤖

For those of you who work with the website on a daily basis, we made these changes around 24th August. Since then, you may have experienced more bugs/faults than you are used to from us. These bugs were caused by the accessibility changes. Fortunately, we have now been able to eliminate almost all bugs. I will of course update you on an individual level if you have mailed me a bug :)

Other news:

- The international NGO Kids Rights is going to set up a global platform with us to support their chapters, more later 🌍

- The Vrijwilligerspunt in Weststellingwerf went live earlier this week with a Deedmob platform - take a look here 🆕

- There are a number of other interesting projects in the pipeline... Just to give you a hint, the first province is going live with a Deedmob platform 🥁🥁

Until the next update and have a nice day!

Kind regards,

Deedmob Team

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