Updates August 2021

The updates for August 2021

Updates August 2021

Good afternoon all 👋,

July has flown by with unfortunately far too much rain. The flooding in Limburg (and Germany and Belgium) caused a lot of trouble. However, it also shows people's willingness to help. Together with Burgerkracht Limburg, we launched a volunteer pool (a good test case, see below) at #WijZijnVrijwilligers and had 800+ registrations in no time. Good to see there is so much enthusiasm!

In this newsletter you will find: the introduction of the volunteer pool, an article about the volunteer journey, some interesting figures about 1 year VCUtrecht and an overview of our latest technical updates. Have fun and enjoy!

🥂 Introduction: the volunteer pool

Some exchanges are already working with it, but we are proud to present a new feature to our other users: the volunteer pool!

The idea behind the volunteer pool is simple: on the one hand, we want to motivate volunteers to sign up (even if they do not immediately find a suitable activity), on the other hand, we want to help organisation administrators to find suitable volunteers more quickly. Win-win!

Below the explanation videos:

The volunteer pool for the volunteer

The volunteer pool for the organisation administrator

The volunteer tool for the website manager

Please let us know if you want to activate this on your platform as well. Hopefully this feature will result in many new matches!


How to build an engaged relationship with volunteers: the volunteer journey

An interesting article about the customer journey of the volunteer: map out how the process currently works in your organisation and you can start making improvements.

We would like to call on everyone to share great articles, videos or podcasts with us. Then we can put them in this newsletter so we can all benefit from them!


VCUtrecht: one year on

VCUtrecht shared some figures in their last newsletter because they have been using Deedmob Tools for 1 year now. We don't want to withhold them from you! The figures show that on average 1 in 2 reactions via their platform leads to a match! 

And did you know that...

  • ... Almost 2,500 Utrechters have a personal account? You can use it to register for a vacancy, workshop or event.
  • ...more than 400 Utrecht organisations have an account? With this account vacancies, workshops and events are posted on VCUtrecht.nl.
  • ...VCUtrecht.nl is not only a vacancy bank, but also a place for free workshops, lectures, news and advice on voluntary commitment?
  • ...a total of around 80 workshops have been offered, of which around 40 annually by VC Utrecht and also by other Utrecht organisations?
  • ... In a year, some 3,000 volunteer vacancies have been posted and some 700 are currently open?

Inspiring figures. Put it on VCUtrecht!


Technical updates

Besides rolling out the volunteer pool, we have not been sitting still. Below an overview of the most important changes.

You can now filter activities you show on the website via the activities section based on tags and/or SDGs.

We have improved a number of parts of the Analytics section:

  • you can now choose to view the data in bar charts,
  • users are now divided into volunteers and organisation administrators,
  • you can select a period (date) more easily, and
  • it all looks a bit better visually!
  • Activities are now grouped on the map so that it remains clear when there are large numbers.

Adding pictures has been made easier again:

Organisation administrators can now choose from images they have used before when creating an activity.

Website administrators can now choose from images they have used before when editing a page.

We can now set the number of days after which inactive accounts are automatically deleted. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Mailchimp integration has been extended: in Mailchimp you now also see a column with the postcode group they are in. For example: you can now send an email to all organisation administrators in a certain municipality.

We have also made a large number of small adjustments and bug fixes.

We wish those who are going on holiday a happy holiday and hopefully those who stay behind will enjoy a lovely sunny end of the summer 🌞. See you soon!

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