Integrate vacancies on your own website

This post explains how to integrate vacancies on your website

Integrate vacancies on your own website

By integrating your Deeds (volunteervacancies) into your own website, you make it even easier for volunteers toapply. No more registration forms or email needed!

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Step 1: Create an organisation profile

Through this link you can create a profilein a few minutes. Not successful? Here you can find instructions on how tocreate an organisation profile.

Step 2: Post a vacancy or event online

What is your organisation in need of? Thinkabout how volunteers can contribute to your organisation. From social mediaworkshops with corporate volunteers to helping with an event. Go ahead andcreate a Deed!

Need examples? Find out what otherorganisations have posted here.

Step 3: Choose the desired size (incolumns) of the "embedded Deeds" on your own website

1 column is best for locations on the sidesof webpages (such as in a sidebar), while 3 columns is best if you want to usea special page for your volunteer vacancies on your website, we recommend this.

Step 4: Go to your organisation's"embed page" on Deedmob

Follow this link:

Log in to your account or create anorganisation page. If you are an administrator of multiple organisations, youmay need to switch organisations to the one you want to embed your deeds from.

Copy the text under the column heading you selected on the page above.


Step 5: What technology are you using foryour website?


1.      Log in to your administratordashboard for your WordPress website.

2.      Go to the page where you wantto add volunteer opportunities or create a new page.

3.      In the text editor of your pageor post, click on the "Text" tab in the top right corner of the editor window.

4.      Locate the place on the pagewhere you want the embedding to appear and paste your Deedmob embed code fromstep 2. As you can see, it's quite a lot of code, so it's important not to doanything to change it or it might not work.

5.      Publish or preview your page / post when you are ready to view theembedding. You will notice that the area that once contained the HTML embedcode is now replaced by the embedded media. In this case, you can see that wehave successfully embedded your Deedmob open volunteer jobs into your website!


1.      Log in to your administratordashboard of your wix website

2.      Install the following Wix app:

3.      Add the Wix app to your websitewhere you want to place it.

4.      Choose the option 'HTML code'and add your Deedmob embed code from step 2.


Follow this guide:


Follow the 'code block' guide from: add an iframe.