Volunteer in spotlight: Daniel is coordinator at Buurtbuik

We interview volunteer Daniel in this article

Volunteer in spotlight: Daniel is coordinator at Buurtbuik

In addition to his job as Legal CounselInternational Investments at Bouwinvest, Daniel recently also became avolunteer at Buurtbuik West. Through Deedmob he came into contact with thecharity and participated in the mission against food waste!

What did your tasks entail?

"At Buurtbuik you can drive around inthe mornings with a cargo bike to collect leftover food from supermarkets andrestaurants or prepare food in the afternoon together with a coordinator andvolunteers. I did both!"

How did you like your experience as avolunteer?

"I really liked it! I had to deal witha friendly group of people. I also realised that it was a double-edged sword:together we prevented food waste and ensured that the neighbourhood cametogether for a tasty meal."

What will be your next 'do'?

"When I was at Buurtbuik the otherday, I was asked to become a coordinator! So I think it would be super fun tobe able to be involved in this fantastic charity on a regular basis."


About Buurtbuik

BuurtBuik fights against food waste by collecting surplus food fromrestaurants, supermarkets and greengrocers and sharing it with neighbourhoodresidents.

In this way, we make a better neighbourhoodtogether: we bring local residents together, give each other a helping hand andfight against food waste.