What's new - Feb 27th 2020

What's new for 27th of February 2020

What's new - Feb 27th 2020

✨ New feature: Waitlists

You can now add waitlists to deeds. For RSVP based deeds which reach capacity, people can join the waitlist and get automatically moved to going if a spot opens up.

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✨ New feature: Choosing whether to notify users of application status changes

All application status changes now give you the option whether to notify the user, and whether to add a message.

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✨ Small changes

  • Add Whatsapp share button
  • User page design update
  • Improved browser unsupported page design
  • Add site search option in the site footer and on a dedicated page
  • Organization onboarding can no longer be skipped
  • Volunteer phone numbers request moved from onboarding to application
  • Add volunteer details to the conversation view
  • Add illustrations to volunteer onboarding flow
  • Deed mobile view apply button now floats at the bottom
  • Change of wording from 'Member' to 'People'
  • Adds additional rename-able term for 'Deeds' above 'Volunteering opportunity'
  • Make editing custom text fields better
  • Change application modal text to simplify
  • Add emojis to skills in search view
  • Add admin helper toolbar to forms and blog posts
  • Add ability to change application status on the deed page itself as a volunteer
  • Clean up agenda page design
  • Improve centering on mobile views of cards

👾 Bugfixes

  • Fix duplicating forms
  • Fixes inaccurate texts
  • Fix floating button on PWA

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