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Inspiration Session
1 hour

Best Practices in Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

Oct 22, 2024 10:00 AM
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Maximising Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement Strategies

Discover proven methods and strategies for attracting and retaining volunteers effectively. In this session, we'll explore best practices in volunteer recruitment, engagement, and retention, covering topics such as outreach tactics, volunteer training, recognition programmes, and feedback mechanisms. You'll leave with practical insights and actionable tips for enhancing your volunteer programme's success.

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Levi Witbaard
CEO Deedmob

The combination of a Communications degree, extensive experience in a software startup and a background in education and healthcare led Levi to Deedmob, where he started as the Head of Growth, after which he became CEO. Following the principle "alone you go faster, together you go further”, he combines the best of Marketing, Sales, Product and Customer Success to grow the impact for and with our partners.

If he’s not trying to crack the case of how to create scalable impact worldwide, he enjoys life in the form of his family, business books, helping out a the food bank, 10k+ steps a day, discovering local food, anime and investments in a greener tomorrow.

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