A new phase for Deedmob with transition of leadership

Deedmob announces a transition of leadership and the beginning of a new phase for the company and its partners.

A new phase for Deedmob with transition of leadership

Co-Founders Boudewijn and David spent the last five years establishing Deedmob's mission of empowering people worldwide to do good. As of today, they will hand over the roles of CEO and CTO to Levi and Tadeáš. With digital infrastructure, deep expertise, and a community that learns and grows together, the new leadership team builds upon the legacy of enabling social action and volunteering.

Since the start in 2017, both Boudewijn and David have guided and shaped the team, business and platform into a force for good. “I am grateful for all their hard work that made local communities throughout the world more resilient. In my past year at Deedmob, it’s been an honour to work with our team and partners to create a positive impact and witness the difference it truly makes in people’s lives. Volunteering is of vital importance, today more than ever. I am excited to shape the future of social action with our nonprofit-, infrastructure-, and corporate partners”, says Levi Witbaard.

Tadeáš Peták adds: “Like any other tool, technology can be used for the good and the evil, for the important and the trivial. Since day one, I’ve been impressed and captivated by Deedmob’s mission. To me, strengthening bonds within society is exactly the right way to harness the potential of technology. I am thrilled to be able to contribute to this more than ever before.”

The Deedmob team works towards a world where millions of people can direct their personal purpose to have a positive impact on societal challenges. Boudewijn will remain committed to this goal by serving as Founder, Chairman; “I am very excited about the next phase of Deedmob under the new day-to-day leadership of Levi and Tadeáš and will support them in our shared mission to grow Deedmob and make it even more impactful. Adjacent to all the great work already being done by the Deedmob team and her partners, I will devote more time to thinking and developing new innovative solutions and partnerships to help solve our growing community’s challenges.”

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The ambition for the future is to empower a billion people worldwide to do good great. As one of Europe’s largest and leading social-tech startups, Deedmob aims to connect the individual needs of people with the collective needs of society. Not ‘just’ through volunteering, but also through MAS and MDT, peer-to-peer support, impact days, workshops and events.

Impact examples within resilient communities

Over 15,000 organisations have adopted Deedmob’s volunteering platform tool - towns, charities, foundations, and companies worldwide, covering over 5 million citizens. Partners such as VCUtrecht, PEP The Hague, Rabobank, Oma’s Soep, Spark Somerset, Order of Malta, GoVolHerts and countless others bring together the civil society and (corporate) volunteers on their volunteer engagement platforms.

Some highlights of 5 years at Deedmob

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Levi Witbaard


Levi is Deedmob's CEO

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