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Post | November 2021 | Landing page | 1 min read

New online platform to match companies with volunteers in Amsterdam

On Wednesday 27 October, Alderman Victor Everhardt (Economic Affairs) opened the new online platform Business Involved. Business Involved links employees of Amsterdam-based companies to social initiatives in the city, where they can do voluntary work. The platform is a collaboration between the municipality of Amsterdam, Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam and Deedmob.

Alderman Victor Everhardt: "Many companies in Amsterdam and their employees would like to make an extra social contribution to the city. This new online platform ensures that employees of companies can easily find social initiatives in the city where they can volunteer."

The new online platform for volunteering was developed by startup Deedmob, commissioned by the City of Amsterdam. The Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam (Volunteers Central Amsterdam) is connected to it to find the right entries to social organisations in the city. The goal is for Business Involved to create 100 sustainable, long-term partnerships between Amsterdam-based companies and social organisations in the next three years. The platform starts with Amsterdam-based companies but will be extended to companies in the region.

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