Conversation with Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Deedmob's team spoke with Dutch Prime Minister Rutte about our efforts during Covid-19

Conversation with Prime Minister Mark Rutte

We had an inspiring conversation with the Prime Minister about Deedmob and the platform The current crisis calls for creative and safe options to help people through technology. The Prime Minister wants to be informed about what is going on. Via a video link with the Ministry of General Affairs, we talked about the origins of Deedmob and the impact we are making with the Coronahelpers platform (also internationally).

The Prime Minister asked good questions and indicated that he would continue to follow the impact.

For all municipalities and care institutions in the Netherlands it is now possible to get started with a local, tailor-made Coronahelpers platform for free, like for instance at the Vrijwilligerscentrale Utrecht and Versa Vrijwilligerscentrale.

We can set this up for your organisation within a day. For more information, go to the information page.